Krößner, Renate


Renate Krößner, was born on May 17, 1945 and grew up in East Berlin. There she studied at the Academy for Performing Arts. In the 1960s, she performed at theaters in Parchim, Stendal, and Senftenberg, as well as in supporting roles in television productions.


Director Konrad Wolf noticed her talent in Heiner Carow’s film, Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet, and offered her the lead in Solo Sunny. Her award-winning performance as the young singer Sunny brought her international renown. When Krößner left for West Germany in 1985, East German officials took this box-office hit out of circulation.


In the West, Krößner became known for her roles in television productions. She played in many TV crime series and received prestigious awards for her performance in Bruder Esel, a TV series about a Franciscan monk. Krößner appeared in Werner Herzog’s Unbesiegbar, an epic about a Jewish strongman who teams up with the mind-reader Hanussen in Nazi Germany, as well as in Dani Levy’s comedy Alles auf Zucker.


Renate Krößner, who was married to actor Bernd Stegemann (Mein Führer, Dir. Dani Levi, 2007), died on May 25, 2020.


Festivals & Awards:

1980 Silver Bear, Berlin International Film Festival, for Solo Sunny
1980 Best Actress, GDR National Feature Film Festival, Karl-Marx-Stadt, for Solo Sunny


2011 Ein Sommer im Elsass (A Summer in Alsace, TV)
2011 Vergiss dein Ende (Forget about Your End)
2009 Jenseits der Mauer (Beyond the Wall, TV)
2007 Küss mich, Genosse (Kiss Me, Comrade!, TV)
2006 Mondscheinkinder (Moonlight Children, TV)
2004 Alles auf Zucker (Go for Zucker)
2004 Carola Stern – Doppelleben (The Double Life of Carola Stern, TV)
2001 Zutaten für Träume (Ingredients for Dreams, TV)
2001 Unbesiegbar (Invincible)
2000 Fernes Land Pa-isch (Distant Country Pa-isch)
1999 Helden wie wir (Heroes Like Us)
1996 Bruder Esel (Brother Donkey, TV series)
1994 Angst (Fear, TV)
1993 Nordkurve (North Curve, TV)
1991 Gossenkind (Street Kid)
1982 Mathilde Möhring (TV)
1981 Verflucht und geliebt (Damned and Loved, TV)
1979 Solo Sunny
1978 Bis daß der Tod euch scheidet (Until Death Do Us Part)
1978 Zünd an, es kommt die Feuerwehr (Set a Fire, the Fire Brigade Is Coming)
1977 Feuer unter Deck (Fire Below Deck)
1976 Die unverbesserliche Barbara (The Incorrigible Barbara)

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