Mitić, Gojko


Gojko Mitic was one of the most famous actors in the GDR and other Eastern European countries during the Cold War. He was born in Leskovac, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) on June 13, 1940. Mitic studied sports in Belgrade and wanted to become a teacher. But by chance, when international film production companies came to Belgrade in the 1960s, he was chosen to be a stuntman and double.


After playing many small parts, Mitic was cast in a leading role in the DEFA Western Die Söhne der großen Bärin. Unexpectedly, the film was a huge success; seemingly overnight, Mitic became a film star and idol. Eleven Westerns followed, in all of which he played the lead. The plots of these films were mostly based on historical events and told from the point of view of the Native Americans. Mitic was often referred to as “the most famous Native American in Eastern Europe.” In 1996, he was honored in a traditional ceremony by the Ojibwa tribe and given the name Wolf.


The good-looking and athletic Mitic was soon in demand for roles in other genres as well. He starred as a astronaut in a science-fiction film, as a dashing lover in a historical drama, as a resistance fighter in an antifascist espionage thriller and as a sympathetic sports teacher in a contemporary story. For millions of cinemagoers, he was East Germany’s only mega-star.


When Pierre Brice left the annual open-air theater festival in Bad Segeberg in 1992, Mitic took over the main role of Winnetou, which he played through the 2006 season. From 2007 until 2009, he also acted on stage at the Staatstheater Schwerin. Gojko Mitic lives in Berlin-Köpenick.


Festivals & Awards:

1975 Film Prize of the Youth Magazine Neues Leben for Acting for Blutsbrüder


2008 Entführt – Ich hol dich da raus (Kidnapped – I’ll Get You Out, TV)
2006 Esperanza
2001 Planet B: Der Ameisenmann (Planet B: The Ant Man)
1995-96 Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love, TV series)
1994 Burning Life
1993 Der Kinoerzähler (The Film Narrator)
1988 Das Herz des Piraten (Heart of the Pirate)
1982 Der Scout (The Scout)
1981 Der lange Ritt zur Schule (The Long Ride to School)
1980 Das Archiv des Todes (The Archive of Death, TV series)
1978 Severino
1975 Blutsbrüder (Blood Brothers)
1973 Apachen (Apaches)
1973 Ulzana
1972 Das Geheimnis der Anden (The Secret of the Andes, TV mini-series)
1972 Tecumseh
1971 Osceola
1970 Signale – Ein Weltraumabenteuer (Signals: A Space Adventure)
1969 Tödlicher Irrtum (Fatal Error)
1968 Weiße Wölfe (White Wolves)
1968 Spur des Falken (The Falcon’s Trail)
1967 Chingachgook, die große Schlange (Chingachgook, the Great Snake)
1965 Die Söhne der großen Bärin (The Sons of Great Bear)
1964 Old Shatterhand


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