Wenzel, Heidemarie

In <i>Die Taube auf dem Dach</i> © DEFA-Stiftung, Klaus Goldmann


Heidemarie Wenzel was born in Berlin on July 7, 1945. From 1963 until 1966, she studied at the Ernst Busch Academy for Performing Arts in Berlin. Her first engagements were with theaters in Rostock and Greifswald, where she could fulfill her special interest in classical plays.


Wenzel’s film debut was in the supporting role in Ralf Kirsten’s film Der verlorene Engel, which was about the German sculptor Ernst Barlach and was banned in 1966. Her role in Egon Günther’s Abschied, for which she received critical praise, marks the beginning of a successful film career. In the following years, she was often cast as emancipated, sensitive and self-confident women – such as in Zeit der Störche (dir. Siegfried Kühn) or in Heiner Carow’s cult film, Die Legende von Paul und Paula. 


Her film and television career came to an abrupt end when her husband did not return from a trip to West Germany in 1986. She decided to follow him and applied to leave the GDR, but was not allowed to move to the West until early 1988. As she was banned from her profession in the intervening period, she worked as a secretary for the Lutheran church.


In addition to films, Heidemarie Wenzel has acted in several television series.




2000–11 In aller Freundschaft (In All Friendship, TV series)
1996–99 Der Landarzt (The Country Doctor, TV series)
1991–92 Unsere Hagenbecks (Our Hagenbecks, TV series)
1974–90 Polizeiruf 110 (Police Call 110, TV series)
1986 Der Bärenhäuter (The Bear-Skinned Man)
1985 Franziska (TV)
1983 Der Mann mit dem Ring im Ohr (The Man With the Ring in His Ear)
1976 Liebesfallen (Love Traps)
1976 Das Licht auf dem Galgen (The Light on the Gallows)
1975 Ikarus (Icarus)
1973/2010 Die Taube auf dem Dach (The Dove on the Roof)
1973 Wolz – Leben und Verklärung eines deutschen Anarchisten (Wolz – Life and Illusion of a German Anarchist)
1972 Die Legende von Paul und Paula (The Legend of Paul and Paula)
1970 Zeit der Störche (Time of the Storks)
1970 Aus unserer Zeit: Gewöhnliche Leute (Our Time: Ordinary People)
1968 Abschied (Farewell)
1966/70 Der verlorene Engel (The Lost Angel)

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