Esche, Eberhard


Eberhard Esche was one of East Germany’s best known film and theater actors. Born on October 25, 1933 in Leipzig, he studied performing arts from 1952 until 1955. After acting in Meiningen, Erfurt, and Chemnitz, he joined the Deutsches Theater in Berlin in 1961. He was known for his brilliant portrayal of classical roles, as well as for the role of Lancelot in Yevgeni Schwarz’s anti-Stalinist play, “The Dragon” (dir. Benno Besson), which he performed over 650 times. Though Esche left the theater in 1999, his memorable voice continued to be heard in solo recitals and performances, which he gave until his death.


In addition to his theater work, Esche starred in many cinema and television films. Some of his most memorable roles include that of the chemist who decides to leave East Germany in Konrad Wolf’s Der geteilte Himmel, and of the party secretary in Frank Beyer’s Spur der Steine.


Esche always said his favorite role was that of the King in the poetic fairy-tale film by Rainer Simon, Wie heiratet man einen König, in which he appeared opposite Cox Habbema, his second wife. He published two collections of autobiographical anecdotes, one in 2000 and another in 2005. Eberhard Esche died in Berlin on May 15, 2006. 




2002 Der Haus der Schwestern (The Sisters’ House, TV)
1997 Mama ist unmöglich (The Ridiculous Mom, TV series)
1995 Der Trinker (The Drinker, TV)
1993 Novalis – Die blaue Blume (Novalis: The Blue Flower)
1985 Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria  (Saxony’s Splendor and Prussia’s Glory, TV)
1981 Märkische Forschungen (Exploring the Mark Brandenburg)
1981 Die italienische Reise von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Journey to Italy, narrator)
1980 Levins Mühle (Levin’s Mill)
1980 Der Spiegel des großen Magus (Great Magusʼs Mirror)
1978 Fleur Lafontaine (TV)
1976 Die unverbesserliche Barbara (The Incorrigible Barbara)
1976 Beethoven - Tage aus einem Leben (Beethoven – Days of a Life)
1974 Till Eulenspiegel
1973 Leben mit Uwe (Living with Uwe)
1973 Das zweite Leben des Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Platow (The Second Life of Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Platow)
1972 Reife Kirschen (Ripe Cherries)
1970 KLK an PTX: Die Rote Kapelle (KLK to PTX: The Red Orchestra)
1968 Wie heiratet man einen König (How to Marry a King)
1966 Spur der Steine (Trace of Stones)
1967 Geschichten jener Nacht: Die Prüfung (Stories of that Night: The Test)
1964 Der geteilte Himmel (Divided Heaven)
1962 Nebel (Fog)

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