Lierck-Wien, Madeleine


Madeleine Lierck-Wien was born in 1949 in Kempten, West Germany, and her family moved to East Germany in 1953. Throughout her career she has performed in both movies and television productions. She performed for the first time in the television production Irrlicht und Feuer, before studying acting at the Konrad Wolf Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg from 1966 to 1970. While a student she acted in Heisser Sommer, which became a cult film. Later she acted alongside her father, the actor and cabaret artist Werner Lierck, in the comedy Nicht schummeln, Liebling! More recently, she appeared in Margarethe von Trotta’s Das Versprechen, an award-winning story about lovers separated by the Wall. Since 2011, she has been acting in the popular television series Rote Rosen.


Madeleine Lierck-Wien also has a distinguished career in theater. She has performed at the Meininger Theater and different cabarets in Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden. She has developed and presented evening-long entertainment programs, including an Erich Kästner evening and Da lacht der Mond (The Moon Laughs), a program written and directed by Lierck-Wien, in which she shared the stage with singer Eva-Maria Pieckert and ballet dancer Angela Reinhardt. Critics described this program as “funny, sexy and poetic!” Madeleine Lierck-Wien is married to actor Dieter Wien and lives in Lüneburg.


Festivals & Awards:

1980 Art Prize of the Free German Trade Union Federation for Alle meine Mädchen


2011 Rote Rosen (Red Roses, TV series)
2009 Die Liebe und Victor (Love and Victor)
2008 Wir sind das Volk (The Final Days)
2002 Wie verliebt man seinen Vater? (Finding a Wife for Dad)
1999 Zwei in einem Boot (Two in a Boat)
1995 Das Versprechen (The Promise)
1990 Flugstaffel Meinecke (Flight Squadron Meinecke, TV series)
1989 Der Drache Daniel (Daniel the Dragon)
1985 Franziska (TV)
1981 Ein Engel im Taxi (An Angel in the Taxi, TV)
1979 Alle meine Mädchen (All My Girls)
1979 Abschied vom Frieden (Farewell to Peace, TV series)
1976 Alle meine Kinder (All My Children, TV)
1975 Frau Jenny Treibel (Ms. Jenny Treibel, TV)
1972 Nicht schummeln, Liebling! (Don't Cheat, Darling!)
1970 Pawluscha (TV)
1967 Heißer Sommer (Hot Summer)
1966 Irrlicht und Feuer (Will-o’-the-Wisp and Fire, TV)


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