Levy, Dani


Dani Levy was born in 1957 in Basel, Switzerland. From 1977 to 1979, he was an ensemble member of the Basel Theater and, from 1980 to 1983, of Berlin's Rote Grütze Theater. He debuted as a director in 1985 with Du mich auch. In 1994, Levy co-founded the production company X Filme Creative Pool, whose first film was his Stille Nacht, nominated for the 1996 Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. One of his most important projects was the thriller Meschugge, a collaboration with actor and co-writer Maria Schrader on which he had worked for many years. His internationally successful comedy Alles auf Zucker! was awarded six German Film Awards in different categories and became one of the most successful German art house films in 2004. His satirical comedy Mein Führer - Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler, with comedian Helge Schneider and renowned actor Ulrich Mühe, provoked considerable controversy among German critics.




2010 Das Leben ist zu lang (Life Is Too Long)
2008 Deutschlandspiel 09: Joshua (short)
2007 Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler (My Führer–The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler)
2004 Alles Auf Zucker! (Go for Zucker!)
2002 Väter (I’m the Father)
1999  Aimée & Jaguar
1997 Meschugge (The Giraffe)
1995 Stille Nacht (Silent Night)
1994 Burning Life
1992 I Was on Mars
1988 RobbyKallePaul
1986 Du mich auch (Same to You)


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