d'Bomba, Jörg


Jörg d’Bomba was born in Ratibor (now Racibórz), Poland, on April 12, 1930. After WWII, he settled in the western part of Germany and worked in various professions. He studied architecture, acting, and directing. At the end of the 1950s, he moved to East Germany.


In 1959, d’Bomba joined the East German DEFA Studio for Animation Films in Dresden, where he worked as a director and scriptwriter for short documentaries, as well as puppet and cut-out animation films until 1991. The topics of his films are diverse and include films based on children’s stories, fairy tales, classic legends, current affairs, and history.


In the 1960s, d’Bomba’s films were shown at the International Animation Festival in Annecy, France, and the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, West Germany. From 1972 to 1986, d’Bomba was also part of the animation team that created the puppets and stories for the famed East German children’s TV series Jan und Tini auf Reisen.


1990 Die Blume des Lebens (The Flower of Life)
1989 Vom Bäumchen, das ein Baum werden wollte (About the Little Tree That Wanted to Grow Up)
1988 Tolpatsch (The Caddy)
1988 Lebensbaum (The Tree of Life)
1986 Wenn die Kröte quakt (When the Toad Croaks)
1980 Knurri und der Eierdieb (Knurri and the Egg Thief)
1979 Knurri
1978 Rübezahl und das Hochzeitsgeschenk (Rübezahl and the Wedding Present)
1976 Arbeiter-Illustrierten-Zeitung (AIZ: Workers’ Illustrated Newspaper)
1975 Teufelsmühle (The Devil’s Mill)
1974 Drei Geschichten um Teddy (Three Stories about Teddy)
1972-86 Jan und Tini auf Reisen (Jan and Tini’s Adventures, TV series)
1970 Zeichner – Zeuge – Zeitgenosse (Leo Haas: Artist and Witness of His Time)
1970 Auf dem Schlachtfeld geboren (Born on the Battlefield)
1968/69 Feuerwehr Felicitas (Firebrigade “Felicitas”, TV series)
1968 Unser Drache Kasimir (Kasimir, Our Dragon)
1965 Der Meisterdieb (The Master Thief)
1962 Unternehmen Proxima Centauri (Operation Proxima Centauri)
1960 Der rechte Barbier (The True Barber)
1960 Die Sage vom verschwundenen Schacht (The Legend of the Lost Mine)
1959 Raubritters Landfahrt (The Robber Knights’ Adventure)

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