Hildebrand, Monika


The actress Monika Hildebrand was born in Dresden on August 10, 1941. After studying acting at the Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg, she was a member of the Theater der Junge Generation in Dresden from 1965 to 1984. Since 1984, she has worked as a freelance actress at many stages in Dresden. She has also presented her own literary-music programs.


Since the early 1960s Monika Hildebrand has regularly appeared in leading roles in film and on television. She is particularly well-known for her character portrayals in contemporary stories. She gave a brilliant performance as Li in Jürgen Böttcher’s Berlin film Jahrgang '45 – one of the most edifying depictions of how young people lived in the sixties.


Monika Hildebrand lives in Dresden.




1974 - 2002 Polizeiruf 110 (Polizeiruf 110, TV series)
1997 Isadora Duncan und Sergej Jessenin (Isadora Duncan und Sergej Jessenin)
1985 Startfieber (Start Fever)
1980 Don Juan – Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 78 (Don Juan, 78 Karl Liebknecht Street)
1977 Jörg Maler, Ratgeb (Joerg Ratgeb, Painter)
1976 Die unverbesserliche Barbara (Incorrigible Barbara)
1975 Eine Pyramide für mich (A Pyramid for Me)
1972 Das Licht der schwarzen Kerze (The Light of the Black Candle, TV)
1966 Jahrgang 45 (Born in '45)
1963 Jetzt und in der Stunde meines Todes (Now and in the Hour of My Death)
1962 Das verhexte Fischerdorf (The Bewitched Fishing Village)
1961 Der Mann mit dem Objektiv (The Man with the Objective Lens)

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