Hasse, Hannjo


Actor Hannjo Hasse, best known for his portrayals of villainous characters, was a familiar face in many Eastern European films. He was born in Bonn on August 31, 1921. From 1938 to 1941 he studied acting in Berlin before being drafted to serve in the war. After 1945 he performed on stage in Nordhausen, Eisleben, Burg, Schwerin, Potsdam, and in Berlin at the Volksbühne and Deutsches Theater.


Eventually he landed at DEFA where his great versatility made him particularly well suited to playing evil characters. He was especially convincing in Nazi roles, as in Der Fall Gleiwitz, and brutally effective in others, such as the ruthless factory owner and Gojko Mitic’s nemesis in Spur des Falken.


In an interview about his role as the Hauptmann in Der Fall Gleiwitz, Hasse said, “I come across as arrogant, so I am suited for these roles which reveal --particularly to young people who didn’t consciously experience Hitler’s fascism-- how dangerous these criminals in SS uniforms were.”


Hasse also played a few positive characters, such as the coach and mentor of a young promising gymnast in Kurt Maetzig’s Das Mädchen auf dem Brett and the comical journalist in the three-part TV movie Das letzte Wort.


During the 1970s and 80s Hasse became even more widely sought after and played in numerous television and cinema productions in the GDR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union.


Hannjo Haase died in Falkensee on February 5, 1983.



1983     Martin Luther (TV)
1980 Levins Mühle (Levin’s Mill)
1980 Der Baulöwe (The Great Builder)

Eine Reportage für die Weltgeschichte – USA 200 (A Report for World History – USA 200, narrator)

1974 Kit & Co.
1973 Ulzana
1973 Unterm Birnbaum (Under the Pear Tree)
1971 Das letzte Wort (The Last Word, TV)
1970 KLK an PTX: Die Rote Kapelle (KLK to PTX: The Red Orchestra)
1969 Nebelnacht (The Foggy Night)
1969 Tödlicher Irrtum (Fatal Error)
1968 Spur des Falken (Falcon’s Trail)
1967 Das Mädchen auf dem Brett (The Girl on the Diving Board)
1966 Schwarze Panther (Black Panthers)
1965 Die Söhne der großen Bären (The Sons of Great Bear)
1964 Das Lied vom Trompeter (The Song of the Trumpeter)
1964 Hüben und drüben (On Both Sides, narrator)
1963 Reserviert für den Tod (Reserved for Death)
1962 Nebel (Fog)
1961 Der Fall Gleiwitz (The Gleiwitz Case)
1960 Die schöne Lurette (The Beautiful Lurette)
1959 Weißes Blut (White Blood)
1959  Sterne (Stars)
1959 Einer von uns (One of Us)
1957 Die Hexen von Salem (The Witches of Salem)
1955 Das Stacheltier – Ham wa nich! (The Porcupine: Don't Got That!)
1954 Stärker als die Nacht (Stronger than the Night)
1951 Der Untertan (The Kaiser’s Lackey)

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