Schall, Ekkehard


Ekkehard Schall was born in Magdeburg on May 29, 1930. Begining of 1952, he worked at the Berliner Ensemble and, in 1977, became its associate artistic director.


His renowned interpretation of the role of Arturo Ui – in the Wekwerth / Palitzsch production of Brecht’s Der aufhautsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui, which remained in the Berliner Ensemble program for fifteen years – helped him become one of Germany’s most important actors, enjoying an international reputation. At the Berliner Ensemble, he performed in over sixty plays and played opposite Helene Weigel in the rich traditions of the Brechtian stage. The French newspaper, Le Figaro, compared him to Victor Boucher and Charlie Chaplin. Schall first performed in the US in two Brecht-Weill programs in the mid-1980s.


Schall’s first film role was in Schlösser und Katen, directed by Kurt Maetzig, but he became known to a wider audience in his role as Dieter in Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser, one of East Germany’s most important youth films.


Schall celebrated the work of his father-in-law, Bertolt Brecht, in many television productions, as well as in his book of poetry, Bukower Barometer (Transl. The Barometer of Buckow). More recently, he acted in productions at various German theaters and in Ulrich Mühe’s production of Auftrag, by Heiner Müller.


He was one of the speakers at the famous Berlin demonstration on November 4, 1989, that called for reforms in East Germany. 


Ekkehard Schall died in Berlin on September 3, 2005.



Bibliography & More:

Schall, Ekkehard. Bukower Barometer (trans. The Barometer of Buckow). Berlin: Insel Verlag. 2002.




2004 Auftrag (The Mission, TV)
1987 denn alles bewegt sich, mein Freund (Everything is Moving, My Friend, doc.)
1985 Die unwürdige Greisin (The Shameless Old Lady, TV)
1983 Wagner (TV series)
1976 Im Staub der Sterne (In the Dust of the Stars)
1970 Die zwei Söhne (The Two Sons)
1969 Im Spannungsfeld
(Tension Zone)
1968/70 Ich – Axel Cäsar Springer (I, Axel Caesar Springer TV)  
1964 Wolf unter Wölfen (Wolf among Wolves, TV)
1961 Der Traum des Hauptmann Loy (Captain Loy's Dream)
1960 Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (Mother Courage and Her Children)
1958 Die Geschichte vom armen Hassan (The Story of Poor Hassan)
1958 Das Lied der Matrosen (The Sailors' Song)
1957 Berlin – Ecke Schönhauser (Berlin – Schönhauser Corner)
1956 Schlösser und Katen (Castles & Cottages)


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