Braun, Käthe


Käthe Braun was born in 1913 in Wasserburg. After taking private acting classes, she got her first engagement with the Bayerisches Staatstheater in Munich in 1935 and then played at theaters in Düsseldorf, Strassburg, and Vienna. After WWII, Braun returned to the theater in Munich, where she met her future husband, director Falk Harnack. Together they moved to Berlin, where she worked at well-known theaters, including at the Deutsches Theater from 1947-1951. One of her most important film roles was in the East German DEFA production, Das Beil von Wandsbek. She continued playing in Harnack’s films in the following years and became a scriptwriter as well. Käthe Braun died in Berlin on September 9, 1994.




1980 Die Undankbare (The Ingrate script, TV)
1975 Der Wohltäter (The Benefactor script, TV)
1974 Der Verfolger (The Persecutor, TV)
1970 Einladung ins Schloß (Ring Round the Moon, TV)
1969 Ludwig auf Freiersfüßen (Ludwig on the Lookout for a Wife)
1964 Lausbubengeschichten (Tales of a Young Scamp)
1961 Ein wahrer Held (A True Hero)
1957 Wie ein Sturmwind (Tempestuous Love)
1951 Das Beil von Wandsbek (The Axe of Wandsbek)
1950 Dr. Semmelweiss

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