Dissel, Werner


Werner Dissel was born on August 26, 1912 in Cologne. As a young man, he was a photojournalist. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, he became part of the anti-Nazi resistance, first working alongside Franz Jung and Harro Schulze-Boysen on a paper called Der Gegner, and as of 1935 alongside Walter Küchenmeister on the paper Wille zum Riech. He was arrested and imprisoned from 1937 to 1939, after which he was put on "front probation"—i.e., sent to the front with the Wehrmacht.


After WWII, Dissel joined the KPD (German Communist Party) and worked as a cabaret artist and set builder at the theater in Wiesbaden. He moved to East Germany in 1950 and became an actor and director. From 1960 to 1979, he appeared on stage in productions of the Berliner Ensemble. 


Dissel appeared in many East German films starting in the 1950s. including Der Fall Gleiwitz, Rotkäppchen, Till Eulenspiegel, Der Traum vom Elch and Die Architekten. His cameo as Walter, an old man who tells the story of being imprisoned by the Nazis for his homosexuality, is a high point in Heiner Carow's Coming Out.


After German unification in 1990, Dissel appeared in television series including Polizeiruf 100 and Für alle Fälle Stefanie. In 1993, he took on the leading part in the series Immenhof after the death of his colleague Wolfried Lier.


Werner Dissel died near Potsdam in 2003.


2000 Tatort (Crime Scene, TV series)
1994-95 Immenhof
1991 Polizieruf 110 (TV series)
1991 Die Spur des Bernsteinzimmers (The Mystery of the Amber Room)
1991 Begräbnis einer Gräfin (Funeral of a Countess, TV)
1990 Die Architekten (The Architects)
1989 Coming Out
1988 Nachts schlafen die Ratten (The Rats Sleep at Night)
1987 Kindheit (Childhood)
1986 Stielke, Heinz, fünfzehn... (Stielke, Heinz, Fifteen)
1986 Der Traum vom Elch (The Dream of the Elk)
1984 Hälfte des Lebens (Half of Life)
1983 Kaskade rückwärts (Bailing Out)
1980 Levins Mühle (Levin's Mill)
1976 Beethoven - Tage aus einem Leben (Beethoven - Days of a Life)
1974 Till Eulenspiegel
1970 Jeder stirbt für sich allein (Everyone Dies Alone)
1965 Solange Leben in mir ist (As Long as There Is Life in Me)
1965 Denk bloß nicht, ich heule (Just Don't Think I'll Cry)
1963 Nackt unter Wölfen (Naked Among Wolves)
1962 Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood)
1961 Der Fall Gleiwitz (The Gleiwitz Case)
1959 Verwirrung der Liebe (Love's Confusion)
1958 Die Elenden (Les Misérables)
1956 Der Hauptmann von Köln (The Captain from Cologne)
1954 Ernst Thälmann - Sohn seiner Klasse (Ernst Thälmann: Son of the Working Class)


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