Schorn, Christine


Christine Schorn was born in Prague on February 1, 1944. Growing up with parents who were actors in Kiel and East Berlin, she decided to become an actress as well. From 1961 to 1964, she studied at the Staatliche Schauspielschule in Berlin. Thereafter she became one of the leading actors in the Deutsches Theater ensemble, where she worked until 2010. Some of her unforgettable stage roles were Yelena in Uncle Vanya and Iokaste in Oedipus Rex. Since 2010 she has given guest performances in Zurich, Potsdam and Berlin, including in the Jewish family-saga Über Leben, which is based on plays by Judith Herzberg and premiered in 2011.


As of the mid-1960s, Schorn also began appearing in film and television productions. At the East German DEFA Studio for Feature Films, she gave remarkable performances in supporting roles in Der Dritte and Wahlverwandtschaften. After director Lothar Warneke cast her in a supporting role as a secretary in Unser kurzes Leben, he decided to cast her as the lead in Die Beunruhigung, Inge Herold. Her portrayal of this woman in her mid-30s, who finds out that she might have breast cancer, earned Schorn much international praise and admiration. In 1983, for example, the American Film Institute praised her “ability to express the deepest fears with subtle movements of her eyes, body and hesitations of speech.” Schorn’s collaboration with Warneke continued in the following years, as a resolute chef who is searching for love in Eine sonderbare Liebe and in Blonder Tango, a moving story about a Chilean exile in the East German theater milieu.


In the 1990s, after German unification, Schorn performed with Manfred Krug in a satirical television series about the Wende based on a Jurek Becker script, Wir sind auch nur ein Volk. Her performances in supporting roles as the caring grandmother in Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge and as the mother of three intractable daughters in Frei nach Plan, were honored with German Film Awards in Gold. She was also a cast member in Andreas Dresen’s Halt auf freier Strecke, in which she played the mother of a young man who suffers from cancer and knows he will die; this film won the Prix Un Certain Regard at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2011. In 2016, Schorn received the Schwerin Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


Over the course of her career, Christine Schorn has worked with internationally awarded directors, including Rainer Simon (Die Frau und der Fremde), Frank Beyer (Der Verdacht), Wolfgang Becker (Good Bye, Lenin!), Andreas Dresen (Halbe Treppe), Jutta Brückner (Die Hitlerkantate) and Christoph Schaub (Giulias Verschwinden). With over 150 films to her name, she is one of Germany’s most prominent and versatile actresses.

Festivals & Awards:

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award, Schwerin Film Fest
2014 German Screen Actors Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, in Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge
2013 German Film Award in Gold for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, in Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge
2011 "Prix Un Certain Regard," Cannes International Film Festival, for Halt auf freier Strecke
2008 German Film Award in Gold for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, in Frei nach Plan
2007 Golden Goblet for Best Actress, Shanghai International Film Festival, for Frei nach Plan


2017 Happy Burnout
2017 Eine sachliche Romanze (An Unemotional Romance)
2015 Tief durchatmen, die Familie kommt (The Family Is Coming: Take a Deep Breath, TV)
2015 Über den Tag hinaus (Beyond Today, TV)
2014 Altersglühen – Speed Dating für Senioren (Autumn Tingles: Speed Dating for Seniors, TV)  
2013 Harry nervt (Harry Gets on Our Nerves, TV)
2012 Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge (Life Is Not for Cowards)
2011 Jesus Loves Me
2011 Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped in Your Tracks)
2010 Der kleine Nazi (The Little Nazi)
2009 Giulias Verschwinden (Julia’s Disappearance)
2008 Novemberkind (November Child)
2007 Frei nach Plan (According to Plan)
2006 Die Mauer – Berlin ’61 (The Wall: Berlin ’61, TV)
2005 Die Hitlerkantate (Hitler Cantata)
2005 Eine Mutter für Anna (A Mother for Anna, TV)
2003 Mein Vater (Coming Home, TV)
2003 Good Bye, Lenin!
2002 Halbe Treppe (Grill Point)
1997 Im Namen der Unschuld (In the Name of Innnocence)
1994-95 Wir sind nur ein Volk (We Are Only One People, TV series)
1991 Der Verdacht (The Suspicion)
1990 Diktatur des Gewissens (Dictatorship of Conscience, TV)
1989 Der Magdalenenbaum (The Tree of Magdalena)
1987 Vernehmung der Zeugen (Interrogating the Witnesses)
1987 Liane
1984 Die Frau und der Fremde (The Woman and the Stranger)
1984 Eine sonderbare Liebe (A Strange Love)
1983 Verzeihung, sehen Sie Fußball? (Excuse Me, Are You Watching Soccer?)
1982 Die Schüsse der Arche Noah (Shots from Noah’s Ark)
1981-2011 Polizeiruf 110 (Police Call 110, TV series)
1981 Die Beunruhigung (Apprehension)
1980 Unser kurzes Leben (Our Short Life
1973 Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective Affinities)
1971 Der Dritte (Her Third )
1970 Jeder stirbt für sich allein (Every Man Dies Alone, TV mini-series)
1965 Die Heinitzer (The People from Heinitz, TV)

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