Reusse, Peter


Peter Reusse was born in Teltow, Germany on February 15, 1941. From 1959 until 1963, he studied at the Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He worked as a freelance actor at different theaters around the GDR—including in Zeitz, Halle and Brandenburg—until he joined the Deutsches Theater in East Berlin in 1970.


At the same time, Reusse became known as a film actor, where he was prized for his youthful charm; the press even called him the James Dean of the East.


One of his first important roles was in the WWII classic Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt. His first leading role was his portrayal of the maladjusted student Peter Neumann in Denk bloß nicht, ich heule. This film aptly captured the problems of the young East Germans—perhaps too clearly, as the film was banned and did not premiere until 1990. Reusse has worked with many well-known directors, including Sergei Gerasimov, Frank Vogel and Joachim Kunert.


Reusse was also known for his comic talent, with an especially good feel for situational comedy. In this vein, he played the farmer, Mattes, opposite Ursula Werner in the box office success Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu by Roland Oehme. Reusse also took on many challenging television roles, including the lead in Bernhard Seeger's Fiete Stein and roles in many episodes of the popular crime series Polizeiruf 110.


After the fall of the Wall, Reusse became politically involved in the Citizens' Group for Investigations of Stasi Crimes. He stopped acting because of health problems. Since 1993, he has concentrated on other talents, including painting and sculpting, and writing poetry, novels and screenplays. Peter REusse lives in Berlin.



1993 Böses Blut (Bad Blood, TV mini-series)
1992 Schlagbaum (Barrier, TV)
1990 Zwischen Pankow und Zehlendorf (Between Pankow and Zehlendorf)
1987 Kiezgeschichten (Neighborhood Stories, TV series)
1983 Es geht einer vor die Hunde (Somebody Will Go Down the Drain, TV)
1982 Familienbande (Family Clans)
1977 Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu (The Wonderful Smell of Fresh Hay)
1977 Ein handvoll Hoffnung (A Handful of Hope)
1976 Heimkehr in ein fremdes Land (Return to a Strange Country, TV mini-series)
1973 Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella, synchronisation)
1972-91 Polizeiruf 110 (Police Call 110, TV series)
1972 Lützower (Lützowers)
1970 Fiete Stein (TV)
1968 Mohr und die Raben von London (Moor and the Ravens of London)
1968 Die Toten bleiben jung (The Dead Stay Young)
1967 Frau Venus und ihr Teufel (Lady Venus and her Devil)
1967 Hochzeitsnacht im Regen (Wedding Night in the Rain)
1967 Geschichten jener Nacht: Phönix (Stories of that Night: Phoenix)
1965 Denk bloß nicht, ich heule (Just Don’t Think I’ll Cry)
1964 Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt (The Adventures of Werner Holt)
1963 Julia lebt (Julia Lives)
1962 Monolog für einen Taxifahrer (Monologue for a Taxi Driver, TV short)
1962 Beschreibung eines Sommers (It Happened One Summer)
1962 Ljudi i sweri (People and Animals)
1962 Monolog für einen Taxifahrer (Monologue for a Taxi Driver, TV, short)
1961 Die aus der 12b (Those from Class 12b)


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