Kinobox Series

Our circulating DVD collection currently includes the following episodes of the Kinobox series, covering the years 1980 to 1988.

Episode Contents
Kinobox 1980/01 White Gold: Porcellan from Meißen and the band Sterncombo Meißen; Filmic rarity - 1911 Leipzig Trade Fair; Made in GDR: Harbor cranes for Morocco; There's only one: Dwarf Land; singing group for folk songs
Kinobox 1981/02 The Eleven Powers (film about Bali); Filmic rarity - car races from 1913; Industrial robots; Jacob Holdt: Travelling as a photographer through the US
Kinobox 1981/03 Africans in the snow - young Africans receive job training in the GDR; Filmic rarity - Guido Seeber; Working-class sports - maintaining East German tradition; Sports and Relaxation Center; Hidden camera - baby carriage; Loe Jaivas - indigenous folklore from Chile
Kinobox 1981/06 Magician Eberhard Bauer; Roofing family from Frankfurt/Oder; Filmic rarity - R. F. Scott's expedition to the South Pole; Art from the Gründerzeit period: The collector Lothar Berfelde 
Kinobox 1981/08 Mannequins; The crossbill legend: A popular belief from the Thuringian forest; Apartment tower in Weberwiese, Berlin; Moscow Deaf-Mute Theater 
Kinobox 1982/09 Traditional mounted regiment from the Soviet Union; Puerto Ricans paint the elevated train in New York; Modern technology in the Hettstedt roller mill 
Kinobox 1982/10 Founding year VI: Cars from the Eisenach Motor Works; Budapest youth park: Histories and present; Franciscus Effendi: An Indonesian painter in the GDR; Illapu I: 1982 Festival of Political Song and the Chilean band Illapu performs "Camdombe para José"
Kinobox 1982/15 Impressions of a campground; Aurora Youth Club in Potsdam; Old documentary footage of English miners from 1906; the Dutch band Bots and the peace movement
Kinobox 1982/18 Max Gebhard: Bauhaus; Impressions of Paris; Fun with fishermen; The first concert: Pankow Music School
Kinobox 1983/20 Spejbl and Hurvínek (Czech comedy puppet show); Angelika Mann sings "Kuttie"; Marriage school; The Urbans: Work keeps you young
Kinobox 1983/22 Nights at Mitropa; Art from Africa; Apartment building in Budapest; Peace camp 
Kinobox 1983/23 The Little Telephone Man (animated film); Caravan Theatre; Field kitchen; Athena
Kinobox 1983/27 Laughing (Spejbl and Hurvínek - Czech comedy puppet show); Locomotive in the garden - an unusual hobby; Carlos M. Godoy - singer and fighter from Nicaragua
Kinobox 1983/28 Applications: textile art; exhibition of miniatures from India; arms race; The band NO 55 performs "Das war's"
Kinobox 1984/31 Winter indoor cycling at the Werner Seelenbinder Halle; Pantomime based on Brecht's "Form and Content"; Erich Kliefert: A Stralsund painter turns 90
Kinobox 1984/33 The Tanzanian music group Utamaduni at the Festival of Political Song; The miniature puppet theater of Günter Gerlach from Halle; Elke Gerstenberger explains foil fencing; Otto Waalkes at the Metropolitan Theater
Kinobox 1984/35 Production of clothes hangers; The instrument-building company Förster; Twist: Remembering a short-lived fashion; Sewage systems in Berlin; An Eskimo family in Canada
Kinobox 1984/36 Individual time trials at the Peace Race; Uli Schulze: Worker and innovator; the female rock band Mona Lisa; Dimitroff: communist Irene Harlow reports on conspiritorial work in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Kinobox 1985/39 35 photos: A young woman's photo album; Boxing; Photographer in Athens; Adlershof Youth Club
Kinobox 1985/40 Hair Tonic (animated film from Chile); The music group NVA; The painter Ludwig Richter; Tango
Kinobox 1985/42 Blues; Historical footage of Mont Klamott; Recovering a tank from the Alte Oder River; Athletic family: Klaus Beer; Budapest Opera
Kinobox 1985/45 Exhibition of the works of Otto Niemeyer-Holstein; Kaspar Schmalenbach: Transformation of a communist; Silvio Rodriguez from Cuba at the Festival of Political Song
Kinobox 1985/46 The 8th World Wonder: Göltzsch Viaduct; chimney climbing at the Jänschwalde plant; the Hungarian painter Csontváry; Black Out: Setting up for a Karat concert
Kinobox 1986/49 An exhibit on the 150th anniversary of railroads; Love of books: A collection of erotic literature; Australian singer Erich Bogle at the Festival of Political Song; House gables in Berlin-Lichtenberg
Kinobox 1986/50 Interesting facts about beer and beer drinking; archival footage shows the history of the East Train Station; The Artists Center at the XII World Festival; Ethiopian village; St. Sebastian: How a picture came to be
Kinobox 1987/55 Cars; Short portrait of Erwin Geschonneck; Seydels Barbershop: A city hairdresser in the country
Kinobox 1987/56 Photos and drawings by Heinrich Zille, and turn-of-the-century Berlin; Bützow privat, a traditional Berlin pub; the rock band Mona Lisa performs "Berlin"
Kinobox 1987/57 Urte: portrait of a young waitress in a Baltic seaside town; Vineta: images and information about the sunken city; Mukran: ferry service in the bitter winter
Kinobox 1987/58 Antonio Gades at the Berlin Metropolitan Theater and the Academy of Arts; 1986 Expressionist exhibit at the National Gallery; South American jazz singer Abdullah Ibrahim at the Festival of Political Song
Kinobox 1987/59 Moscow Peace Congress and world-famous people from the arts and culture sectors; Protecting the Baltic coast; Archival footage of the 170-year history of bicycles; Lucy Murphy at the Festival of Political Song
Kinobox 1988/61 Marx family; China; Bicycles; Jimi Hendrix: Monterey memories
Kinobox 1988/62 Zeolite; Marx Ceramics; Specialists; John Mayall

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