GDR Magazine

Additional information about many of the specific episodes below can be found by searching in our film database or under "GDR Magazine" in Genres and Themes.

GDR Magazine: 25th Anniversary of the GDR
GDR Magazine: Farmers
GDR Magazine: Church in the GDR
GDR Magazine 1968/39: Contemporary Relevance of the Arts
GDR Magazine 1970/14: International Cereal and Bread Congress
GDR Magazine 1971/01: Warsaw Pact Meeting;  Leipzig Film Festival; Mills for Syria
GDR Magazine 1971/03: International Relationships with Western Countries
GDR Magazine 1971/10: Racism in the USA and South Africa
GDR Magazine 1971/11: 25th Anniversary of DEFA
GDR Magazine 1972/02: 25 Years of German-Soviet Friendship
GDR Magazine 1972/05: European Security
GDR Magazine 1972/09: Youth and Education
GDR Magazine 1972/22: Model City Eisenhüttenstadt; Construction in Berlin
GDR Magazine 1973/08: Cottbus District; Dornburg Castles; Art Collective in Neubrandenburg
GDR Magazine 1973/09: Residential Building and Everyday Life
GDR Magazine 1973/13: World Congress of Peace Forces in Moscow
GDR Magazine 1974/04: Museums in Berlin
GDR Magazine 1974/08: Cultural Politics of the GDR
GDR Magazine 1974/11: Socialist Educational Policy
GDR Magazine 1974/12: XVIII Berlin Festival 1974
GDR Magazine 1975/01: World Congress for the International Women's Year
GDR Magazine 1975/03: Children's TV; Children's Books; Young Internationalists
GDR Magazine 1975/04: Socialist Economic Integration
GDR Magazine 1975/05: Development of Leisure and Recreational Sports in the GDR
GDR Magazine 1975/07: Vocational Training
GDR Magazine 1975/10: A Focus on Human Beings
GDR Magazine 1975/11: 225th Anniversary of Bach's Death
GDR Magazine 1975/12: Wilhelm Pieck, the Workers' President
GDR Magazine 1976/01: Socialist Democracy
GDR Magazine 1976/02: Culture, Education, Leisure Time
GDR Magazine 1976/06: Youth and Solidarity
GDR Magazine 1976/07: Preschool Education
GDR Magazine 1976/08: About Socialist Democracy
GDR Magazine 1977/01: Trade Unions
GDR Magazine 1977/02: Encounters in Frankenberg
GDR Magazine 1977/03: German-Soviet Friendship
GDR Magazine 1977/05: School for Life
GDR Magazine 1977/08: Life and Work in the Country
GDR Magazine 1977/09: Sports are Fun
GDR Magazine 1977/12: Reflections – Encounters with GDR Artists
GDR Magazine 1977/B3
GDR Magazine 1978/02: Dresden's Art Treasures
GDR Magazine 1978/03: A Mayor and His City
GDR Magazine 1978/04: Property Owners
GDR Magazine 1978/09: Christianity in the GDR
GDR Magazine 1979/12: Integration of People with Handicaps
GDR Magazine II/60: motorbike test in Africa; Gate to the World--Rostock; 13th International Bicycle Race Prague-Warsaw-Berlin; World Cultural Exhibition in New Delhi; Building of electronic factory; Payday in henna factory; Patients in sanatorium; Building of Volkerfreundschaft; Trade Union Holiday Ship Cruise; People's Chamber after death of Pieck; International Trade Fair in Vienna; 150th Anniversary Humboldt University; Opening of Leipzig Opera House

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