Chronicle of Film 1948

(Filmchronik 1948)

GDR, 1948, 170 min, b&w
In German; no subtitles


This DVD compilation chronicles the year 1948 through film.


The feature film selection, The Blum Affair, is paired with a 12-month selection of Der Augenzeuge (Eyewitness) weekly newsreel footage, which attended to the experiences of everyday life in the GDR. Relevant to the immediate postwar time period, the selected Der Augenzeuge videos that span the 12-month calendar year depict the developing East/West Cold War confrontation and the simultaneous efforts to rebuild Germany from the rubble.


Topics covered include returning prisoners of war, the search for lost family members, rebuilding of industry and agrarian reform, and the Berlin Airlift. Also included is the documentary film End of the Year Review 1948.


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