The Other Love

(Die andere Liebe)

GDR, 1988, 36 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Production Company


The only documentary ever made by DEFA on the topic of homosexuality was this public education film commissioned by the Hygiene Museum Dresden and produced in cooperation with East German gay and lesbian activists. In interviews, GDR lesbians and gay men talk openly about their first sexual experiences and coming out. Though the film tries to convey an official GDR acceptance of homosexuality, they also talk about social discrimination against openly gay individuals. The film had its theatrical premiere at the babylon cinema in Berlin on November 2, 1988 and was distributed in the GDR by Kreisfilmstellen (educational film distribution services in municipality districts).


The film was screened at the DEFA Film Library's 2015 Summer Film Institute with the courtesy of the German Hygiene Museum Foundation, Dresden. The film is also available as bonus material on the DVD Coming Out. The screening rights are with the German Hygiene Museum Foundation, Dresden. 


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