Eyewitness: The 1940s

(Der Augenzeuge – Die 40er Jahre)

GDR, n/a/2001, 446 min
In German; no subtitles


This video series gives one insight into the daily events back then in the form of raw reportage of the weekly chronicles, showing (often in headlines) the momentous political and economic occurrences, athletic and youth competitions, arts and entertainment and diverting encounters with public officials as well as discoveries and incidents that moved a nation.


Part 1: The 40s (1946-1947)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1946 and 1947, one can see amongst other things:

  • No. 1 from 2/19/1946: The Nuremberg War Crime Trials, Boxing Match Eder-Przibilski
  • No. 3 from March 1946: Zone conference of the Free German Trade Union Federation (FDGB), Furtwängler in Berlin, Hairdressing Show
  • No. 16 from 8/30/1946: Lord Beveridge in Berlin, Dresden Kennels, "Circus Princesses"
  • No. 23 from 10/18/1946: Molotov in Paris, Eisenhower in Berlin, Troubles in Berlin
  • No. 25 from 11/1/1946: Children's Train Excursion, Elections in Berlin, Crispbread in Burg
  • No. 36 from 1/17/1947: Construction Lottery in Dresden, Montgomery Travels to Moscow
  • No. 38 from 1/31/1947: Comedian Cabaret, Penicillin Production
  • No. 44 from 3/14/1947: First Day of the Leipzig Fair, Bebel Celebration in the Berlin National Opera
  • No. 45 from 3/21/1947: General Marshall in Berlin, Moscow Conference, Fashion Show
  • No. 53 from 5/16/1947: Commemoration of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Victims, Homecoming of Anna Segher, Soccer


Part 2: The 40s (1947-1948)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1947 and 1948, one can see amongst other things:

  • No. 62 from 7/18/1947: Returning POW's from Russia, International Tennis Match in Wimbledon
  • No. 63 from 7/25/1947: Monaco Celebrates, Tour de France Bicycle Race, Yachting
  • No. 71 from 9/26/1947: Boxing Match Hucks-Gahrmeister, Construction in Kursk
  • No. 84 from 12/26/1947: Retrospective, Christmas Shindig, Comic Opera "The Bat"
  • No. 93 from 2/27/1948: Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Thale Ironworks
  • No. 100 from 4/16/1948: Berlin and the Zone Borders, Fashion in Paris, Housing Conditions
  • No. 102 from 4/30/1948: Trial of the War Criminal Görlitzer, Spring in Berlin
  • No. 115 from 7/30/1948: Motorcycle Race in Berlin, National Opera: "Romeo and Juliet"
  • No. 118 from 8/20/1948: Explosion in Ludwigshafen, Children with Godparents
  • No. 121 from 9/10/1948: Opening of the National Theater in Weimar, W. Staudte Shoots a Film


Part 3: The 40s (1948-1949)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1948 and 1949, one can see amongst other things:

  • No. 130 from 11/12/1948: Boxing Match Schmeling-Vogt, Opening of the National Theater in Dresden
  • No. 135 from 12/17/1948: Toy Manufacture, Airlift, Free German Youth (FDJ) Activists
  • No. 137 from 12/31/1948: The Year in Retrospect
  • No. 9 from 3/4/1949: Hype about West Berlin Currency, Fashion for Big and Small
  • No. 20 from 5/20/1949: Soviet Cenotaph in Berlin-Treptow, Rescindment of the Blockade
  • No. 28 from 7/15/1949: Joys of Baltic Sea Vacations, Berlin National Opera: "Sleeping Beauty"
  • No. 31 from 8/5/1949: Thomas Mann in Weimar, 600 Years of Sunny Mountain, Sanssouci Visit
  • No. 48 from 12/2/1949: Christmas in the Berlin Pleasure Garden, Barlay Circus: Baby Lions
  • No. 50 from 12/16/1949: Seventieth Birthday of J.W. Stalin
  • No. 52 from 12/30/1949: Retrospect 1949 with the foundation of the GDR


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