Windows on Monday

(Montag kommen die Fenster)

Germany, 2006, 90 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Themes & Genres:


A new city, a new house – it could be a happy moment in the life of this small family. But Nina (Isabelle Menke), a doctor, feels estranged in the half-empty rooms and leaves her family behind. When she returns, she learns that her absence has not been without consequences.


A story about middle-class lack of orientation and a study of existential discontent, this elegant chamber piece is painfully honest about the contradictory demands that shape most women’s lives. This film screened at many renowned international film festivals around the world.

Press comments

"On a subject that has been filmed and re-filmed, over and over again, a young director gives us a new, refreshing perspective. […] A sensitive work with brilliant performances, it announces the arrival of a very promising talent." –Jury, Ljubljana Film Festival, Slovenia


"This is Köhler’s huge talent: a detailed observation of daily life." –Der Tagesspiegel 


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