Commune of Bliss

(Kommune der Seligen)

Germany/Canada, 2004, 96 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Production Company


Far away from the big cities, in the vast expanse of the Northern Prairies, a withdrawn group of people is practicing its stubborn way of life. Few outsiders have ever had a chance to learn about the communal lifestyle of the Hutterites, direct descendants of radical Anabaptists from the days of the Reformation in Germany.


After hundreds of years of fierce persecution and having moved from country to country, the Hutterites have chosen to live apart from the modern world and have been able to preserve their spiritual heritage and strict way of life by rejecting modern media. Ιt took 6 long years of preparation before the filmmakers gained the trust of the community and were permitted to "take the picture." For the Hutterites, film and photography are worldly sins which foster vanity and "the lust of the eyes."


2005 Best Documentary, Bozen Film Days

Press comments

"What's it like to see the course of history seemingly halted centuries ago, encountering a people who manage to sustain their utopia as a long-term vision? In Commune of Bliss, we are able to see a radical, fundamentalist vision in practice – a people who are hardly known, although they have been living this way for almost 500 years."
— Klaus Stanjek, director       


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