A Strange Love

(Eine sonderbare Liebe)

GDR, 1984, 104 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Set Design
Music (Score)


After a hot and steamy company party, Sibylle and Harald, both in their late thirties, spend the night together. He is a widower with two sons, with the younger son just entering school. She is single and relatively satisfied in her current relationship with a married colleague. 


When they meet again later, they resolve to enter into a strictly intellectual relationship. Suddenly, Sibylle quits her job at the company's staff canteen and delves into her new self-appointed task with fiery fervor: pepping up Harald's family life and turning his house and garden inside out. Harald, a quiet man used to peace and his own habits, starts to flee from her on a daily basis.


Without love, Sibylle assumes, their somewhat unusual relationship will not work out. But it does not take long for the pair to miss each other's presence.


1984 Main Prize, Karlovy Vary Film Festival


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