The Education of Auma Obama

(Die Geschichte der Auma Obama)

Germany, 2011, 80 min, color
In German; English subtitles


A captivating, intimate portrayal of the US president's Kenyan half-sister. Obama studied linguistics in Heidelberg, Germany, before enrolling in film school in Berlin, where she met director Okpako in the 1990s. In time, she moved back home to mentor a younger generation of politically- and socially-engaged Kenyans, whose aspirations are informed by their parents' experiences and whose ambition to forge a better future for their communities starts from the ground up.


As the Toronto International Film Festival noted, "Okpako has always been interested in questions of identity, affiliation and belonging. Although she frames her film as a biographical portrait of Obama, she goes much further, providing layered historical context and discussion of post-colonial African identity from a feminist perspective." This film won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Diaspora Documentary (2012), the Festival Founders Award for Best Documentary at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles (2012) and the Viewers' Choice Award at the Africa International Film Festival (2011).


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