35 Photos

(35 Fotos)

GDR, 1984/1985, 7 min, color
In German; English subtitles


A woman born in 1949, the year the GDR was founded, talks about her life based on 35 images in her family album that each represent one year. This short was to premiere on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of East Germany. Officials rejected the short, however, as an ostensibly negative portrait of GDR family life presented by an atypical woman. It was released under a different title a year later. Part of DEFA Kinobox 1985/39.


2022 Play Doc International Film Festival Tui, Spain
2021 Retrospective POESÍA DE LO COTIDIANO: Los primeros films de Helke Misselwitz, Mar del Plata Int. Film Festival, Argentina
2021 Retrospective Everyday Poetry: The Films of Helke Misselwitz, Anthology Film Archives, New York
2012 Cottbus Film Festival, Germany
2010 Encounters International Film Festival, Bristol, UK

Press comments

“The short film laconically shows the divergence between life plans and reality in a frozen society.” —Claus Löser, Berliner Zeitung



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