And Havana Too: Solidarity and Heimat in the Cold War

Germany/Canada, 2010, 22 min, color
In Spanish; English subtitles


In this filmed conversation, illustrated by clips from the film, Cuban scholars and public intellectuals Maria Caridad Cumaná González and Rafael Hernández discuss Frank Vogel’s 1962 co-production And Your Love Too (GDR/Cuba). Their approach focuses on the transnational relations between East Germany and Cuba, which the film often presents stereotypically, while also narrating person-to-person affective bonds across broad oceans, all the way to the doorstep of the United States.


Rafael Hernández is the founding editor of the Cuban cultural journal Temas and former director of US Studies at Cuba’s Center for the Study of the Americas. He has published widely on US-Cuban relations and Cuban society, culture and politics.


Maria Caridad Cumaná González teaches in the Film and Media Studies in Miami Dade College. In Havana, she was affiliated with the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos and was the film and website programmer at the Fundacion del Nuevo Cine Latino-Americano. She has authored many essays and several books on Cuban cinema.


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