The Painter Came From a Foreign Land...

(Der Maler kam aus fremdem Land…)

Germany, 1988, 43 min, color/b&w
In German; English subtitles
Themes & Genres:


In 1986, after suffering many obstacles and interference in his work, Dammbeck moved from the GDR to Hamburg, West Germany. Two years later, he explores his decision and tries to sort out his past and present identity as an artist. In the process, he interviews other artists who emigrated from East to West Germany in the mid-1980s. 

Cornelia Schleime, Hans-Hendrik Grimmling and Hans Scheib were all core members of the alternative art scene in East Germany. They had worked in the Super-8 scene there and planned multimedia and crossover exhibitions—including the First Leipzig Autumn Salon in 1984 and Tangents I in 1976-77. Now in West Germany, before the still-undreamed fall of the Wall, what has become of their former artistic positions and strategies? What do they think about their past? What is now the impetus behind their art? And how do they deal with the western art market?


2018 Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animation Film, Germany


Press comments

“A farewell to the old homeland?”  —Sven Safarow, “Outlines of Power. The Cinema of Lutz Dammbeck”



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