Bring the Villains to Justice

(...die bösewichter müssen dran)

GDR, 1975, 67 min, color


It is 1524. For many years, the count has shamelessly oppressed and exploited the serfs in Grünthal. They have had enough! Energized and mobilized by Thomas Müntzer’s radical vision and his calls to “bring the villains to justice,” the Grünthal peasants are ready to stand up and fight for their rights.


The title of this children’s film refers to a phrase that Thomas Müntzer used in his speeches around 1525, in which he laid out his ideas for a radical reform of clerical and political life. 

Press comments

“A well-selected cast, atmospheric cinematography by Wolfgang Braumann, and a beautiful score by Günther Fischer.”   —Renate Holland-Moritz, Eulenspiegel


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