GDR Magazine 1972/05: European Security

(DDR-Magazin 1972/05)

GDR, 1972, 17 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles and voice over
Production Company


Examples of East German involvement in international political bodies are shown in three brief documentary segments.


1. In January 1972, UN Secretary-General Waldheim spoke out in favor of accepting both East and West Germany as full members, something the GDR had wanted for a long time.


2. An East German delegation visits a Belgian concentration camp to commemorate the victims of fascism. While in Brussels, they also participate in a European peace forum.


3. The Political Advisory Committee of the Warsaw Pact states meets in Prague in January 1972 to discuss socialist peace initiatives and better international security, for example through the improving relationships between the Soviet Union and Western powers.


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