The Story of Little Mook

(Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck)

GDR, 1953, 96 min, color
English dubbed; Spanish, French voice over
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)
Special Effects
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In a small town, a hunchbacked old man is teased, taunted and chased by the local children. One day, he manages to hold them spellbound with a story – his own story:


A little boy called Mook is banished from his home by evil relatives following the death of his father. In search of happiness and fortune, he goes off to live in the desert, where he meets a wondrous old woman. He becomes the owner of magic racing slippers and a wand with which to find hidden treasures. Convinced that he has found his fortune, Mook sets out to find employment at the Sultan's court. But once there, Mook's success evokes much envy among the courtiers, who involve him in intrigues and have him expelled from the palace...


Germany's most beloved and successful children's film classic, based on a fairytale by Wilhelm Hauff, takes you into the magical settings of the Arabian Nights. Wolfgang Staudte's lavish production and special effects carried on the legacy of the Ufa studios in Babelsberg.


1956 Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh International Film Festival
1956 Certificate, S.O.D.R.E. Film Festival in Montevideo

Press comments

Given 3 Stars by Video Librarian (September/October 2000)


"Care has been taken to create an authentic atmosphere, even in the shortest of scenes. Every word, every melody, every pictorial detail and every matter of seemingly secondary importance forms part of a well-conceived aesthetic synthesis."
— Potsdam Märkische Volksstimme, Jan. 3, 1954


"This film emanates humane feelings as well as genuine goodness and kindness. Once again, Staudte gives proof of what a good director can do with his material."
— Dresden Sächsisches Tageblatt, Dec. 29, 1953


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