Leipzig in the Fall

(Leipzig im Herbst)

GDR, 1989, 50 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles


The most comprehensive documentation of events surrounding the 1989 Monday demonstrations in Leipzig, the centerpiece of the citizens' movement that led to the fall of the Wall on November 9.


The film includes interviews with demonstrators, members of the citizens’ rights movement, officials and bystanders in East Germany’s peaceful revolution.


This DVD release also features a poetic 1991 documentary on the after-effects of German unification, Eastern Landscape, by Eduard Schreiber.


Both films are part of the series WENDE FLICKS: Last Films from East Germany.


2009 Retrospective Wende Flicks: The Last Films from East Germany
1990 Forum, Berlin International Film Festival
1989 Special Golden Dove, Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animation Films


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DVD Bonus Features:
  • Turn Subtitles On/Off
  • Biographies & Filmographies
  • Written Interview with Gerd Kroske and Andreas Voigt
  • Chronicle of the Monday Demonstrations
  • “The Eye Swims on the Canale Grande,” an essay by Eduard Schreiber
  • Eastern Landscape (Germany, Dir. Eduard Schreiber, 1991, 13, doc.)

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