GDR Magazine 1968/39: Contemporary Relevance of the Arts

(DDR-Magazin 1968/39)

GDR, 1968, 10 min, b&w
Production Company


In these four short segments, documentary footage of current events allows for commentary on the role of arts and artists in the GDR.


1. Every four years, the GDR Ministry of Culture holds an international Bach contest in Leipzig. Young musicians prepare performances of his music.


2. Arnold Zweig celebrates his 80th birthday with friends, include other prominant writers and artists. An exhibition gives additional information about his life and works.


3. Soviet composer Aram Chatscharturjan rehearses his works with the Berlin State Orchestra.


4. A exhibit in Berlin shows photos on the subject of "The Happiness of Mankind." This footage is intercut with West German protests against the Vietnam War and East German aid deliveries to the Vietnamese people. 


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