Hello, Hemingway

(Hello, Hemingway)

Cuba, 1990, 84 min, color
In Spanish; English subtitles


Havana in the 1950s: Larita loves Elvis Presley and Ernest Hemingway. But her rebellios friend Victor is more concerned with current Cuban politics than with her ideas and dreams. Larita would like to study in the United States; but she quickly discovers that her background and poverty work against her. Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea becomes a symbol for her longing, wishes and indeed her very future.


(This film is ONLY available for sale on DVD and for research rentals. It may not be rented for a non-commercial public performance screening.)

Press comments

“Pérez beautifully interweaves complex moods as his film ranges over personal and social upheaval. Fresh, Lively and intelligent!”
Time Out, New York


“One of very few successful and indeed faithful film adaptations of a literary work.”
— Beat Borter, Framing Latin American Cinema


— Channel 4 (UK)


DVD Bonus Features:
  • Biographies & Filmographies
  • Cuban Newsreels (from the ICAIC Archive)
  • Hemingway, Dir. Fausto Canel, 1962
  • Ernest Hemingway's Cuba, Dir. Jorge Alonso, 1999

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