The Golden Goose

(Die goldene Gans)

GDR, 1964, 65 min, color
English dubbed; Spanish, French voice over
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)


Klaus lives and works with his two brothers, Kunz and Franz, but they are cruel and treat him poorly. One day, Klaus helps an old woman and offers to share his frugal meal. In return, she gives him a goose with feathers made of pure gold as a gift.


Not only does the goose look unusual, it also possesses the most unusual characteristic: all those who are prying, nosy, envious and rapacious get stuck to it and become glued to one another. On his subsequent journey, Klaus therefore collects a weird, motley following – it's a sight that makes even the melancholy princess laugh.


1966 Shown at the Gijon Children's Film Festival

Press comments

"This film is full of surprises and at the premiere the young audience followed its plot with enthusiastic interest and sympathy. With his portrayal of Klaus, Kaspar Eichel made his film debut. His acting is natural, light-hearted and convincing. Gerd E. Schäfer as the court scholar triggered storms of merriment. All in all, this is cheerful fairy tale film that will surely meet with general acclaim."
— Mars in the Berliner Zeitung of Sept. 30, 1964


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DVD Bonus Features:
  • Short Film: "The Solution"
  • Original U.S. Theatrical Trailer
  • Animated Chapter Divisions
  • Internet Links

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