GDR, 1972, 79 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


Eight space cargo-ships disappear without a trace within three days and there is suddenly no contact with the orbiting space station, Margot. The space council orders a total flight stop. But one space ship secretly takes off to go to the space station.


The scientist in charge, Maria Scholl, sees no other solution than to order a total flight stop to this mysterious sector of space. Her colleague, Prof. Tal, is acting suspiciously, as he knows things before the information is even released. A forbidden look into his personal file brings to light that Tal was once part of the Eolomea project – a project that never received approval.


2018 Images of the Future: The Cinema of East Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 Retrospective future imperfect, Berlin International Film Festival
2007 Oslo 70mm-Festival Screening, Norway
1992 Retrospective, Berlin International Film Festival


Press comments

"A tapestry of new beginning fantasies and psychedelic colors set to easy-listening sounds. Dealing with surprisingly earthbound problems, and peppered with the corresponding props, Eolomea is proof of a cinematic “détente policy” reaching even into East Germany. The script portrays a self-assured, skilled woman and, at her side, the character of Dan, who was an unusually civil captain for the genre."  —2017 Berlin International Film Festival


Listed in The New York Times feature, “Hailing the DVD Distributors: The Best Vault Raiders of 2005”


"The film becomes a homage to all those brave scientists who investigate at the borders of human reason and rules. A homage to those who are willing to sacrifice everything and to put back personal life and feelings in the name of science."
— Michael Grisko in apropos Film 2002, Berlin


"The film conveys an almost 'sleaze-atmosphere' in the style of Jess Franco productions of the late 60's with its easy-listening-to music of the 70's, and the southerly ambience."

— Carsten Henkelmann, Sense of View, 2001


"This East German space-travel film depicts the difficulties experienced by intrepid explorers: resistance to new exploration by bureaucrats, confusing instructions from scientists, the lure of the familiar and, of course, the difficulties of the exploration itself. In this film, the planet which might be explored, if the bureaucrats will look the other way for a moment, is called Eolomea."
— Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


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DVD Bonus Features:
  • Turn Subtitles On/Off
  • Introductory Essay
  • Interview with Special Effects Cameraman
  • Interview with Costume Designer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Director / Cast Biographies & Filmographies

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