Clandestinos – Living Dangerously


Cuba, 1987, 89 min, color
In Spanish; English subtitles


Set in the late 1950s, a young Cuban couple and their friends struggle with all their might, in the urban underground movement, against the Batista regime. They get into a dangerous crossfire with the secret service and police, and must fight for their lives.


One of the most ‘Hollywood’-like and commercially successful of all Cuban films, Clandestinos is a tense action-packed political thriller.


This first feature film by Fernando Pérez (Hello, Hemingway; Suite Havana; Madagascar) remains a Cuban box office hit until today.


(This film is ONLY available for sale on DVD and for research rentals. It may not be rented for a non-commercial public performance screening.)


1988  Coral Best Actress Award (Isabel Santos), Havana Film Festival

Press comments

“A moving story of young people who loved and fought with the same passion.
— Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago


“Part heroic epic and part political thriller … one of the most popular Cuban films!”
— Ann Marie Stock, Framing Latin American Cinema


DVD Bonus Features:
  • Director's Biography & Filmography
  • Filmed Interview with Fernando Pérez (2007)

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