Bear Ye One Another's Burden...

(Einer trage des anderen Last)

GDR, 1988, 118 min, color
In German; English and other subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Performance)


Two roommates in a private sanatorium in early-1950s East Germany are extremely different from one another. Josef is a communist policeman, while Hubertus is a Lutheran vicar. While Josef reads The Communist Manifesto, Hubertus prepares his sermon. Above their beds hang Stalin and Christ. The film offers both suspense and comedy, as the two begrudgingly develop tolerance and respect for one another.


Orginally East German officials had not been open to the religious questions raised by the film and the script was banned in 1973; it was over 10 years later before Warneke finally received permission to make the film, based on a revised script. Jörg Pose (Josef) and Manfred Möck (Hubertus) received the Silver Bear at the 1988 Berlin Film Festival for their performances.


1988 Interfilm Award, Reader Jury of the Berliner Morgenpost
1988 Silver Bear for Best Actor (Jörg Pose and Manfred Möck), Berlin International Film Festival
1988  Nominated for European Film Award for Best Screenwriter


Press comments

"Since the times of Don Camillo—from time immemorial, as it were—the confrontation between Christians and Communists has been an inexhaustible theme. There is hardly a topic more conducive to blending viewing pleasure with a profound inner debate on fundamental questions."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


"This is a remarkable film about two young men who, despite their different points of view, learn to accept each other. A must-see film because of its sensitive painting of characters and its humorous poise."
— Films in the GDR, Catholic Institute of Media Research


"The film provides us with parables, parables about the feasibility of State/Church interaction today: it wants to make us think, for which the film has ample material."
— Günter Sobe, Berliner Zeitung on Jan. 29, 1988


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