GDR Magazine 1971/03: International Relationships with Western Countries

(DDR-Magazin 1971/03)

GDR, 1971, 11 min, b&w
In German; no subtitles
Production Company


Three brief documentary segments report on both positive and strained political relationships between the GDR and several Western countries.


1. A committee on the political recognition of the GDR meets in Denmark.


2. In 1951, SS General Heinrich Lammerding was given the death penalty for crimes committed in France, but West Germany refused to hand him over. Using archival material, the documentary shows that many of the attendees at Lammerding's funeral were also responsible for war crimes in other countries.


3. The GDR participates in the international movement calling for the release of Angela Davis, an American civil rights activist. Even children join in the "Red Roses" campaign, drawing a million paper roses to send to Davis.


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