GDR Magazine 1971/01: Warsaw Pact Meeting; Leipzig Film Festival; Mills for Syria

(DDR-Magazin 1971/01)

GDR, 1971, 10 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles
Production Company


Three documentary segments illustrate the GDR's international partnerships in the fields of politics, art, and commerce.


1. The political advisory committee of the Warsaw Pact states meets in Berlin in December 1970. Walter Ulbricht welcomes international delegations at the Berlin airport, and politicians discuss peace initiatives and security policies, including the recognition of the GDR by the FRG, during their sessions.


2. Under the motto "World Films - for World Peace," the 13th Leipzig Documentary and Short Film Week includes international contributions from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the participating filmmakers also demonstate their solidarity with each others' countries.


3. High-performance mills from the GDR are brought to Damascus in the spirit of international cooperation with Arab states.


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