Damn It, I'm Grown Up: The DEFA Director Rolf Losansky

(Verdammt ich bin erwachsen – Der DEFA-Regisseur Rolf Losansky)

Germany, 2009, 45 min, color
In German; no subtitles
Production Company


A film portrait of one of DEFA's best-known directors.


Beginning in 1963, Rolf Losansky directed over 20 films for children and teenagers, many of which are still considered classics today. Featuring interviews with friends and colleagues as well as archival material, this documentary describes Losanksy's life and work in the context of social change and the delicate balance between art and business.


"I was 12 – dreamed of a career as a gymnast. Susanne from the film Achilles Heel by Rolf Losansky was my great role model. I love that film; it made its way into my dreams and made me more courageous in my world. Later, through my work as an assistant director, I discovered why Rolf Losansky's films have this power to make dreams take flight in children's heads. How he turns little actors into great performers and breathes reality into his film stories. This portrait about Rolf Losansky should make it clear why his children's films are still important. For adults, the documentary should become a journey of memory back to childhood, and for children, a voyage of discovery into the childhood of their parents. As well as a contribution to cultural understanding between East and West."

— Director Dagmar Seume



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