A Lively Christmas Eve

(Ach, du fröhliche...)

GDR, 1962, 95 min, b&w
In German; no subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)


Managing director Walter Lörke (Erwin Geschonneck) had been looking forward to a cosy Christmas Eve spent with the family. But then his daughter Anne (Karin Schröder) has a surprise for him: his future son-in-law Thomas Ostermann (Arno Wyzniewski). And that’s not all - Lörke is going to be a grandfather too. All this does not suit him at all, especially since the young man expresses a critical stance towards the state for whom Lörke has fought his entire life.


An argument ensues - of all times - on Christmas Eve. Furious, Lörke leaves the flat. But he is seized with a feeling of restlessness: he wants to know what kind of person Thomas and how he has developed such negative attitude towards the state. As Lörke learns more Thomas's past, he comes to accept his future son-in-law as a valuable addition to the family.


Based on the comedy Und das am Heiligabend (And On Christmas Eve, Too) by Vratislav Blazek.


For the sequel, see Like Father, Like Son.


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