The Discovery

(Die Entdeckung)

GDR, 1983, 17 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Music (Score)
Production Company


A little bumblebee is tired of her daily routine and the other boring bumblebees. She needs an adventure! She flies to the place of her dreams and meets a frog who is also seeking something new. Despite their differences, the two animals become friends and start their adventure together. This children’s animation film was a hit in East German cinemas. Older viewers, however, saw it as a metaphor for their longing to escape—from their daily life or even their country.


This short film is available for streaming as part of the collection Against the Mainstream: Lutz Dammbeck's Animated Works.


2018 Künstler im DEFA-Animationsfilm, Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animation Film, Germany
1985 Golden Sparrow, 4th Gera National Children´s Film Festival, East Germany


Press comments

“After the fierce controversy caused by his exceptional film Einmart, the DEFA Studio assigned Dammbeck to produce a children’s film. This film, a poem about longing and breaking out, was a success in movie theaters.”  —Nadja Rademacher, DIAF Dresden, Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animation Film


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