Playing with Clay

(Spiel mit Lehm)

GDR, 1980, 18 min, color
No dialogue
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


A series of seven short claymation films from the DEFA Studio for Animated Films.


  • Episode 1, "Spaß mit Lehm" ("Fun with Clay," 1980): A man and a woman emerge from a lump of clay, and their family soon expands to include a screaming clay baby.
  • Episode 2 (1981): When their house turns into an elephant, a family argues about who will get to ride him. 
  • Episode 3 (1982): A lump of clay produces a sofa, a woman, and two men, who immediately begin fighting over the woman.
  • Episode 4, "Unvermutet" ("Unexpected," 1983): A man builds himself a clay bed, but the leftover material turns into a pesky mouse.
  • Episode 5 (1986): A clay cello man can play music using his own body.
  • Episode 6 (1987): A lonely man builds himself two potential partners, who then become jealous of each other.
  • Episode 7, "Hokus kadabra" ("Hocus cadabra," 1988): When a witch transforms a magician's cat into a handsome boy, he gets revenge by changing her raven into a lovely girl. 



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