Personal recollections about working at the DEFA Film Studios can be found in a range of volumes published in German, including in autobiographies such as director Frank Beyer’s Wenn der Wind sich dreht: Meine Filme, mein Leben or Iris Gusner’s Fantasie und Arbeit: Biografische Zwiesprache, which she co-authored with the West German director Helke Sander. Unfortunately, very little of this type of information is currently available in English. In the process of creating bonus features for DVD releases and organizing educational events at UMass Amherst and elsewhere, the DEFA Film Library has had the opportunity to generate or translate a number of interviews with and texts by filmmakers. From time to time, we also gather texts on a particular topic or event. 

Under the rubric DEFA Memories, we are pleased to make a range of English-language texts available to teachers and researchers:
Filmmaker Interviews
• Texts by DEFA Filmmakers
’89-'09: We Remember – Memories of 9 November 1989: the fall of the Wall
Reel Stories about WENDE Flicks – A series with supplementary pieces related to the WENDE Flicks series.

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