Withdrawing from UMass


Withdrawing During a Semester

If a student determines it is in their personal, academic, or financial best interest to withdraw from the University between the first day of classes and the last day of finals during an academic semester, they must complete a Withdrawal Form.  

There are five types of University Withdrawals (Personal, Medical, Academic, Financial, and Military/Active Duty) and each one has a specific process.

Once a student is withdrawn from the University (regardless of the type of withdrawal), they must apply for re-enrollment to the University in order to attend classes in the future. Information about the re-enrollment process can be found here.

Withdrawing Between Semesters

If a student is withdrawing from the University AFTER the current semester ends but BEFORE the following semester begins, they must complete the End of Semester Withdrawal process via SPIRE. This process must be completed before the first day of classes of the new semester.

Withdrawing from a Course

If a student is withdrawing from a single course, they should review the deadline information described below in the Academic Calendar.

To withdraw from a course with no record, the student must complete the course withdrawal process on SPIRE by the last day of the Add/Drop period.

If the student misses the Add/Drop deadline and wants to withdraw from a course, they will need to complete the course withdrawal process to drop a course with a “W” on SPIRE by the Mid-Semester Date.

If a student misses the Mid-Semester Date and still wants to withdraw from a course, they will need to contact the office of their Academic Dean (of their primary major) for a Late Course Withdrawal Petition. The process involves writing a narrative to explain the student’s extenuating circumstances for why they are requesting to withdraw from a course after the Mid-Semester Date. They can also provide any relevant documentation if available. There is no guarantee that a Late Course Withdrawal Petition will be granted. Therefore, it is better to withdraw by the Mid-Semester Date.


Re-Enrollment to the University

All students planning to return to the University after a University withdrawal must complete the re-enrollment process in SPIRE. Please note: a nonrefundable $85.00 re-enrollment fee will be charged to your student account. Be sure to review the deadlines (Fall Semester: June 30, Spring Semester: November 30) and course registration dates.

For more information about the re-enrollment process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 413-545-0555 or regtrans@registrar.umass.edu.