Dean of Students Office Resources

Crisis Response

The Dean of Students Office participates in the University's on call system alongside UMass Police Department (UMPD), Residential Life, University Health Services (UHS), and the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH).


For emergency response regarding safety concerns, contact UMass Police at 413-545-2121


Case Management

What do Case Managers do?

Higher Education Case Managers serve their University and individual students by coordinating prevention, intervention, and support efforts across campus and community systems to assist at risk students and students facing crises, life traumas, and other barriers that impede success.

To that end, Higher Education Case Managers:

  • Foster self-advocacy in students to manage their academic, personal, and fiscal responsibilities.
  • Work with students to develop action plans and resource connection
  • Maintain contact and meet with students to address needs
  • Collaborate with Families, University faculty and staff, and community partners to provide student support
  • Advocate for students individually and systemically
  • Evaluate threat and assess risk to self and/or the community

(HECMA, 2017)

Is Case Management Confidential?

Case Management is not therapy or counseling so the rules of confidentiality that might apply to medical or mental health treatment are not the same. With the exception of a crisis situation, the Case Manager shares information with campus colleagues about student behavior when there is a legitimate educational interest. It is important that students understand that the Student Life Team/Case Management Team are mandatory reporters. Therefore, if a student discusses a Title IX related matter, or other abuse, the issue will be reported accordingly.

If a student wishes to speak to a confidential resource, please visit Campus Resources to find out which campus resources are confidential. The confidential campus resources can work with the Case Management Team on a student’s behalf. If you would like for a confidential resource to connect with a case manager, please complete the appropriate release form.