Short-Term Loan Program

The Dean of Students Office administers a small fund intended to assist students in unexpected, emergency situations. Funds for the Dean of Students Short-Term Loan Program have been donated to the University by parents, friends and alumni. Loans from these funds are short-term, interest-free, and limited in amount. The program offers three distinct loans.


Emergency Loan

Emergency loans are available to students who can demonstrate that a small amount of money ($125 or less) will make a significant difference in being able to handle an unexpected situation. These loans can be issued the same day of the request. Examples of situations in which students may seek an emergency loan are a lost wallet, transportation (i.e. bus transportation) for an unexpected need to travel, a need to book a hotel in an emergency, medical supplies for illness or injury, etc.


Living Expense Loan

Will only be issued after the student meets with a Dean in our office. These loans take 2 to 4 business days to process. Living Expense Loans are intended to help students buy necessary items until alternate funding (Financial Aid, G.I. Bill or other Military benefits, next paycheck, etc.) is available. These loans cannot exceed $500. A student can be granted only one Living Expense loan during their time at UMass Amherst.


Veteran Loan

Is available to those using the GI Bill and is intended to provide support due to a delay of payment from the VA. These loans are typically $500 or less, but could be up to $1,000 in extreme situations, and should be repaid immediately upon receiving payment from the VA.

Loan Requirements

The following must be completed in order to apply for any of the above loans:

Detailed completion of the short-term loan application
• Proof of enrollment at UMass Amherst
• Proper identification (ie. UMass ID)
• No outstanding loans with the Dean of Students Office
• No administrative withdrawals from the University for late payments/failure to pay
• No excess of outstanding debt at UMass Amherst
• Proof that the current situation was unexpected
• ​Proof that the loan can make a significance difference in your current situation
• Documentation of ability to repay the loan within a timely manner (employment verification or proof of incoming financial aid or other benefits)
• For Living Expense Loans, a meeting with a Dean in the Dean of Students Office
• The signing of a Waiver of Understanding (summary of loan terms), available in the Dean of Students Office.