Short Term Loan Program

In some cases, a student’s financial need may be temporary, in which case our Short Term Loan Program might be the right fit. The Dean of Students Office extends short term loans to matriculated undergraduate and graduate students for temporary financial emergencies, hardship, or unforeseen personal/family emergencies.

The Short Term Loan is intended for temporary financial emergencies and does have to be repaid, but it is interest-free for 30 days. The maximum loan amount is $500 for undergraduate students and $1,000 for graduate students. The loan is disbursed and payment are received by the Office of the Bursar.

Students applying for the loan must meet the following requirements to receive a loan:

  • Enrolled in classes (or continuous enrollment status for graduate students)
  • Have means and plan of repayment within the established due date (typically 30 days - can be extended on case-by-base basis)
  • Have no outstanding Dean of Students Office short term emergency loan
  • Have no outstanding balance with the Office of the Bursar (the loan cannot be applied to outstanding University bills)


How to apply?

Submit the Short Term Loan Application along with any relevant documents to the Dean of Students Office email at from a UMass student email.

*Please make sure you download the form in Adobe and save it to your computer before you input information. This is done to prevent disclosure of personal information.