Withdrawal FAQs

What type of withdrawal should I do?

Deciding on the type of University withdrawal to choose is a personal decision. The Dean of Students Office encourages students to consider the root issue at hand. If the concern is health related (physical and/or mental health), it is important to share that information with the University. Often students who take medical withdrawals are also in need of additional services and accommodations. Additionally, students who choose a medical withdrawal may be able to retain their student health insurance status, unlike the case with other types of withdrawals.


Who should I contact if I am thinking about withdrawing from the University?

The Types of Withdrawal page has information about where to start for each type of University Withdrawal. Students should contact UHS if they are considering a Medical Withdrawal. Students should contact their Academic Dean if they are considering a Personal, Financial, or Academic Withdrawal. Students should contact the Dean of Students Office if they are considering a Military/Active Duty Withdrawal.

Additionally, students can seek guidance and support from the Dean of Students Office regarding any type of withdrawal by submitting a Student Support Request/Referral.

I completed a University Withdrawal for this current semester. Can I come back to UMass Amherst next semester?

The answer to this question depends on the type of University Withdrawal taken.

If the student has a Medical Withdrawal, they must be away from the University for one (full) academic semester. The decision to return to UMass following their time away is made in collaboration with UHS.

If the student has taken another type of University Withdrawal, the decision to return to UMass following their time away is made in collaboration with the student’s Academic Dean.

I need to withdraw from the University. Will I get any tuition money back?

The tuition refund schedule during an academic semester is based on the last day a student attended classes. That date is reported by the student/faculty and will be documented on the student’s University Withdrawal Form. Information about timeline and corresponding tuition refund schedule can be found here. Please note that meal plans fall under the same refund schedule.


I didn’t receive any grades for my classes because I withdrew; why do I have to pay anything for the semester?

The costs of UMass tuition are based on the student’s “seat” in a course, not the final grade earned. If a student is enrolled in a course during the semester, another student is unable to be in their “seat.” That is why a prorated system is used to determine if the student is eligible for a refund based on the last day they attended classes. More information about timeline and corresponding tuition refund schedule can be found here.


I have withdrawn from the University but have housing on campus. What steps do I need to take and do I get a refund for the housing cost?

Students who live on campus and plan to withdraw from the University should make arrangements to move out of their residence hall within seven (7) days of completing their University Withdrawal paperwork. The housing refund schedule is based on the day that the student returns their room key to their assigned Residential Service Desk (RSD). If a student decides to withdraw prior to the semester starting, they will need to contact Residential Life at 413-545-2100 or living@umass.edu to cancel their housing for that upcoming semester. Information about the timeline and corresponding refund/cancellation schedule can be found here.

If the student plans on completing the re-enrollment process and returning to UMass in a future semester, they will need to complete the online room selection process if they would like to have an on-campus living assignment again. Please contact Residential Life at 413-545-2100 or living@umass.edu to find out more about the specific online room selection process for the semester the student will be returning.

How is my financial aid impacted if I withdraw from the University?

Depending on when the student withdraws, and the source of their awards, their financial aid may have to be reduced or canceled for the term.  If their financial aid is canceled or reduced, the student might owe money to the University.  Federal regulations require Financial Aid Services to apply a formula established by the U.S. Department of Education to determine the amount of federal financial aid a student has earned as of the date the student last attended classes.

The amount of federal financial aid returned to federal aid programs is determined by the amount of time the student spent in academic attendance, but has no relationship to the institutional charges incurred by the student.

After 60% of the semester has passed, the student has earned 100% of the federal financial aid awarded to them. For students receiving state financial aid, a state refund calculation will be completed. The state refund calculation takes into consideration the amount the student owes and the amount of federal aid the student may remain eligible for.

For more information, please contact Financial Aid at (413) 545-0801 or finaid@finaid.umass.edu.


I am an international student. Can I still complete a University Withdrawal?

It is possible for international students to complete a University Withdrawal. However, they must consult with their IPO Advisor prior to making that decision as it may have an impact on their immigration status.


What will show on my transcript as a result of the withdrawal?

When a student completes the University Withdrawal process or withdraws from a course after the add/drop period, they will receive a “W” on their transcript for their course(s) in place of a letter grade. The “W” indicates that the student did not earn any credits for the course, but the grade does not factor into their GPA.


If I plan to take courses at another college or community college near home, what do I need to do?

Students who are planning on taking courses at another institution should connect with their Academic Advisor or Academic Dean to discuss what courses they should take. Additionally, the student will need to connect with the University Registrar to ensure that the course credits will transfer to UMass Amherst. More information about transfer credits can be found here.


What do I need to do if I want to take online courses during my semester away through University Without Walls (UWW)?

Students should connect with their Academic Advisor or Academic Dean to discuss what courses they should take during their time away. The student will then need to contact UWW to learn about their registration and enrollment processes. More information about UWW enrollment can be found here.

If the student completed a Medical Withdrawal, they will need to receive approval from UHS prior to enrolling in UWW courses. Students interested in taking UWW courses following a medical withdrawal should email the Office of the Medical Director at medicaldirector@umass.edu or call 413-577-5211, and specify how many courses they are requesting to enroll in (no more than two per academic session).

For more information about UWW enrollment, please contact 413-545-3653 or regoff@uww.umass.edu.  


I am currently enrolled in 12 credits and want to withdraw from a course. What does it mean to drop below 12 credits?

In order to remain a full-time student, the student must be enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester. Dropping below 12 credits will change their status to part-time. The change from full-time to part-time status may have an impact on health insurance, on-campus housing, and financial aid. It is important to learn about the potential impact on those areas prior to deciding to drop below 12 credits.

For international students, dropping below 12 credits can impact their immigration status. If an international student is considering dropping below 12 credits, they need to contact their IPO Advisor as soon as possible.


I am a UWW student and need to withdraw from a course. What should I do?

The process for UWW students who need to withdraw from a course can be found here. Students can connect with a UWW Advisor at 413-545-3430 or uwwadvising@umass.edu if they need support. Information about the UWW tuition refund schedule can be found here.

If I am a student-athlete, do I need to contact my coach if I plan on withdrawing from the University?

Yes. Student-athletes at UMass Amherst need to speak with their coaches in order to communicate that they are withdrawing from the University. Student-athletes should contact Ariel Pesante, Associate Director of Athletics/Governance and Compliance, to discuss their plans for transitioning off campus, as well as their return to campus (if applicable). Ariel can be reached at 413 545-1823 or ap3@umass.edu.


If I need to withdraw for military reasons, why should I notify the University?

If a student withdraws because they have military orders to report for duty during the current semester, it is important they notify the University because they may be eligible for additional refunds. Students in this situation should indicate a Military/Active Duty Withdrawal on the Withdrawal Form and submit a copy of their documentation to the Dean of Students Office.


Why can’t one office or person provide me with all of the information I need regarding my withdrawal?

Every student has unique components to their student status – academic profile, financial aid award, etc. The Dean of Students Office will do their best to help the student navigate the process, but it is important that they follow up with the appropriate office to ensure they have all the correct information. Students should also refer to the Withdrawal Checklist for additional support.