Types of Withdrawals

Some students find that a personal or medical emergency during the semester can impact their ability to attend classes or complete missed work. In these cases, students may decide to withdraw from the University. The following information details the many options for withdrawal from individual courses or the entire semester.

Personal Withdrawal

If a student is seeking withdrawal for personal reasons (not medical, mental health, military, financial, or any category listed), a Personal Withdrawal should be indicated on the University Withdrawal Form.  Students can begin the Personal Withdrawal process by either visiting the Dean of Students Office (227 Whitmore) or by visiting their Academic Dean.

Health Withdrawal

If a student is seeking withdrawal for health reasons (physical and/or mental health), a Health Withdrawal should be indicated on the University Withdrawal Form. For health withdrawals, students will need to include documentation from a health care provider. Additionally, there are restrictions on the date of return for ALL health withdrawals.  Students are required to be away from the university for at least one (full) academic semester.  For more information, please discuss this process with the UHS' administrative offices. 

Health Withdrawals are initiated by contacting the University Health Services' administrative offices at 413-577-5271 and specifically speaking with with Brianna Mathieu​. For more information visit http://www.umass.edu/uhs/accesstocare/withdrawals 

  • Student Health Insurance: If you have the School-sponsored Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) through Student Benefit Consolidated Health Plans, contact Patient Services 413-577-5192 to notify them of your withdrawal from the University. If you would like to keep your school-sponsored health insurance while you are taking a health withdrawal, please call Patient Services to discuss your options.

Financial Withdrawal

Financial withdrawals are often utilized when a student needs to take time away from campus to save on costs, pay overdue university bills, or research and secure options for additional financial aid/scholarships.  If a student is seeking a withdrawal for financial reasons, students are advised to be familiar with the refund schedule so to prevent additional financial costs.  Students can begin the Financial Withdrawal process by either visiting the Dean of Students Office (227 Whitmore) or by contacting their Academic Dean.​

Academic Withdrawal

If a student is seeking withdrawal for academic reasons, they should contact their Academic Dean to discuss available options. Students are advised to discuss a plan regarding returning to UMass and classes to take upon return.

Military/Active Duty Withdrawal

If a student has documentation of military orders that indicate that they cannot complete the semester, students are directed to contact the Dean of Students Office with appropriate documentation. It is possible to qualify for additional fee waivers in addition to the standard tuition refunds. Students do not qualify for a military/active duty withdrawal unless their orders require them to serve during the semester. If a student receives orders to report during the following semester, a military/active duty withdrawal for the current semester is not possible.