Student Life FAQs for Students & Families

What services do the Dean of Students Office provide to UMass students?

The Dean of Students Office staff focus on assisting students with personal or academic challenges. Some of our most common services include: case managementcrisis response, withdrawal resources and financial support (short term loansmicrograntsstudent supply closeton/off campus resources).

For more information or questions about our services, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (413) 545-2684 or


What should a student do if they are navigating personal challenges (health, social, financial, emotional, academic, etc.) that are impacting their ability to focus on classes?

If the student’s safety is of immediate concern, please contact UMPD at (413) 545-2121.

The student or concerned party should submit a Student Support Request/Referral. This will allow a staff member from the Dean of Students Office to get in contact with the student to determine resources and assistance.

We encourage students and families to review the Single-Stop Resources, as well as our Campus Resources and Student Support Resources webpages, which have information about support located both on and off-campus. 


What should a student do if they need to miss class or an exam for an emergency or sensitive matter? What is the University’s policy on excused absences?

Please review the University Policy on Class Absence before contacting the Dean of Students Office. Further, students are advised to review the course syllabus for their specific class regarding class absences.

Please review the information about the Dean of Students Office process for Faculty Notifications.

If the student still needs assistance after reviewing the above information and communicating their needs with their professor, then they should submit a Student Support Request/Referral so that the Dean of Students Office can further assist the student.

Note: any decision to adjust course requirements or excuse a student from class is at the faculty member’s discretion.


I need to withdraw from an individual course but it is past the mid-semester deadline. Who should I contact for more information about the Late Withdrawal Process?

Undergraduate students should contact the office of their respective Academic Dean (of their primary major) for a Late Course Withdrawal Petition. Each college has a different procedure and the Dean of Students Office encourages students to discuss this with someone who can answer questions specific to their program of study. In order to withdraw from a course, the student will need to explain their extenuating circumstances and provide documentation. There is no guarantee a late petition will be granted.

University Without Walls (UWW) Non-Degree students should contact a UWW Advisor at or 413-545-3430.

Graduate students should reference the Graduate School Bulletin for details on this process. 


I am considering taking a semester withdrawal/time away from the University. Where can I find more information about this process?

Please visit Withdrawing from UMass for information about the types of University Withdrawals and processes. Students may also submit a Student Support Request/Referral if they would like to meet with a Dean of Students staff member to discuss these processes directly.


Is there support or resources for students who may be having a difficult time transitioning to UMass Amherst?

The Dean of Students Office encourages students to check out the Campus Resources page. If the student needs assistance with navigating campus resources or building connections, please submit a Student Support Request/Referral so the Dean of Students Office staff can provide support.


Does the Dean of Students Office provide financial support for students who are having difficulty paying their UMass Amherst tuition bill?

No, unfortunately there are not financial resources available in the Dean of Students Office for students to use towards their tuition balances. Students should connect with Financial Aid or the Office of the Bursar for questions/concerns directly related to paying their University tuition balance.

If a student needs financial assistance for other aspects of their life (housing, food, personal items, transportation, medical expenses, etc.), the Dean of Students Office does have resources available for students. Please visit the various tabs under Food, Financial, and Housing Security for more information about these resources.

If a student needs support navigating University or personal financial concerns, please submit a Student Support Request/Referral so they can be connected with a Dean of Students Office staff member.


What should a student do if they are experiencing concerns regarding their on-campus residential living situation and it is impacting their ability to focus on classes?

For questions related to housing assignments, billing, and room change inquiries, please contact Residential Life at (413) 545-2100 or

For immediate housing concerns, such as maintenance requests or room key issues, please contact/visit the student’s assigned Residential Service Desk (RSD).

For questions/concerns related to living with a roommate(s) and/or being a member of a residence hall community, please contact the Residence Director (RD), Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC), Assistant Residence Director (ARD), or Resident Assistant (RA) for the student’s assigned residence hall. More information about the student’s hall staff can be found here:


What should a student do if they need support finding housing in the area and on-campus living is not an option?

Students should begin the search for off-campus housing as early as possible as there is a high demand of housing needs in the local area. Off Campus Student Life has resources and information available on their website about finding housing and roommates in the area.

If a student is in need of immediate or emergency housing, they should explore the Housing Security resources on the Student Support Resources page.


What additional resources are available for graduate students?

Many campus resources apply to graduate students, but there are also additional services that graduate students may find helpful. We encourage graduate students to review resources from the Graduate School as well as our Campus Resources page. The Dean of Students Office does provide case management for graduate students. If it would be helpful for a graduate student to meet with a Dean of Students staff member, please submit a Student Support Request/Referral.