Policy on Reporting Student Conduct Records

Colleges and universities can differ greatly in the student conduct issues that they consider “reportable” to outside agencies, potential employers, and graduate or professional programs. Thus, what the Dean of Students Office at the University of Massachusetts Amherst reports as part of a student’s conduct record may or may not be considered “reportable” under another institution’s policy.

The Dean of Students Office reports pending cases and action(s) taken against a student that results in a finding of “Responsible” for a University Policy violation and yields a sanction of Housing Restriction(s)/Relocation, Housing Removal Imposed/Deferred, University Restrictions, University Probation, Suspension Imposed/Deferred, or Expulsion. A finding of responsibility usually includes one or more of these sanctions along with accompanied educational sanctions and/or restitution which are also reported.

Student conduct records are maintained separate and apart from all other student records. Such records will be maintained for seven years after the date of the last incident which led to the initiation of action. In cases where the final disposition is Expulsion, the Dean of Students Office retains the student conduct records indefinitely.

When the Dean of Students Office reports that a student has or does not have a student conduct record it is under the parameters described above.

Students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are encouraged to report any disciplinary action taken against them, whether reportable by the University or not. At times, therefore the Dean of Students Office will be unable to verify a student’s self-disclosed conduct or data which is of a personal nature.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at (413) 545-2684 with any question about our student conduct record reporting policies.